About Barbara Bui:

Barbara Bui is a Paris-based Fashion Luxury brand created by its founder, Ms Barbara Bui. The brand was initially founded with the opening of a small shop/workshop in Les Halles in Paris. The designer put herself more and more into the clothes she was designing, so she naturally has to embody the brand and decided to put her name on it.

The brand is distributed today in France, UK, the US and various European countries through its own boutique, selected wholesale partners and online on www.barbarabui.com


Barbara Bui’s challenge :

Barbara Bui has started its e-commerce presence some years ago but was initially subcontracting all its management to Yoox platform. A few years ago they valued the strategic importance of controlling their e-commerce presence internally and moved out of Yoox and started developing internal digital capabilities.

Due to the acceleration of digital and e-commerce and especially within the Covid-19 epidemic situation, Barbara Bui recently increased their ambition in the digital and e-commerce space.

Entrusted Services:

Barbara Bui entrusted Vanguard Hub in helping them in their digital growth through:

  • An initial digital ecosystem audit and 360° digital strategy preparation for the brand across the various digital touchpoints
  • Our 2 months audit led to the creation of a detailed opportunities roadmap
  • Vanguard Hub is now helping the brand on the 1st phase of this strategy roadmap through:
    • Digital media mix model redesign and media performance acceleration
    • Social media and digital content strategy definition and implementation support
    • Analytics chain setup and structuring
    • CRM campaign management enablement and implementation


Deliverables and Results:

Within a 2-month timeframe, we delivered for Barbara Bui:

  • A C-level focused 360° digital audit on their digital ecosystem
  • A detailed digital strategy and clear implementation roadmap
  • A complete digital ecosystem data analytics DAHSBOARD tailor-made to Barbara Bui’s context
  • A complete assessment and review of their analytics structure as well as the 1st operational resolution of the weaknesses of this analytics structure
  • An assessment and improvements paths of the brand social media presence