Dreamin101 x Vanguard Hub

About Dreamin101:

Down craftmanship since 1916

Created to celebrate 101 years of growth and success, Dreamin’101 is Minardi Piume’s own brand of luxury bedding.
Made in Italy with he finest materials, their products are designed to offer us the rest we deserve at factory prices.

From the factory to our home

Their centenary experience together with the singularity of refined materials gave them the possibility to design and produce a duvet that suits everyone’s needs. Their production chain has no intermediate steps: it starts in their factory and finishes once reached our home. For this reason, they can offer a dreamy sleep experience at an extremely competitive price.

Dreamin101 challenge :

Dreamin101 has started its e-commerce presence a couple of years ago. The successful growth of their online business in Italy is leading them to seek for new growth opportunities and to work on a sustainable digital growth model for the future.

Entrusted Services:

Dreamin101 entrusted Vanguard Hub in helping them in their digital growth through:

  • A study of digital and e-commerce growth opportunities across the entire digital ecosystem of the brand
  • An analysis of the competitors digital presence, maturity and innovations
  • A detailed recommendations and action plan of the right growth axis for Dreamin101 tailored to their context and situation
  • A complete data dashboard monitoring of their whole digital ecosystem platforms


Deliverables and Results:

Within a 1-month timeframe, we delivered for Dreamin101:

  • A C-level focused 360° digital audit on their digital ecosystem
  • 30 clear growth opportunities recommendations
  • A complete digital ecosystem data analytics DAHSBOARD tailor-made to Dreamin101’s context