Essentia x Vanguard Hub

About Essentia beauty:

Pioneer in full service for over 20 years, Essentia beauty specializes in the creation, development and manufacture of Fragrances & Cosmetics. Their team combines expertise, innovation and reactivity to serve start-up to scale-up brands in the beauty space.

Essentia Beauty’s mission: set brands apart by thinking creatively and providing unique beauty concepts to keep pace with an evolving conscious consumer.

Essentia Beauty’s challenge:

Essentia beauty is embracing the beauty-tech trend and the increasing importance of digitization in the beauty space to innovate, not only from a B2B but also from a B2C (or D2C) standpoint.

In a market in strong digital disruption, it is hard to break through the clutter of new beauty brands popping-up every day, and to create disruption. Essentia beauty is willing to do just that!

Entrusted Services:

Coming from a strong beauty background and expertise, Essentia beauty’s team needed support to study the potential scenarios for the construction of complete digital and e-commerce strategies and ecosystems for some of their innovative beauty technology products. They entrusted Vanguard Hub in helping them in their analysis with a focus on:

  • Accompanying them as a full partner in building digital business scenarios.
  • Business model and business plan structuring.
  • Structuring communication, tone of voice and reach.
  • Convincing partners and investors in project adhesion and follow-up financing to support the company’s ambitions.


Deliverables and Results:

Through a startup-minded approach, Vanguard Hub is accompanying Essentia Beauty on a day to day digital growth path to create the right opportunities for the brand, valuing and modelling diverse growth scenarios in an agile methodology approach.

We act as partners, advisors and operational support across the business innovation process for the group.