About Studio Moderna:

Studio Moderna is a leading omnichannel, multi-brand and direct-to-consumer retailer, in Central and Eastern Europe driving an ecosystem of 21 offices, 360 mln potential customers, 400+ own retail stores, 280k+ websites visitors per day, and boasting more than 10 leading brands in this region of the world including: Dormeo, Delimano, Topshop, Rovus, Walkmaxx and more.

Studio Moderna challenge :

Studio Moderna has been built on a strong DrTV presence and business model. With the acceleration of the e-commerce space in the past years and the digitization of all industries which has been accelerated even faster by the global COVID epidemic, Studio Moderna sees a strong opportunity to follow the trend and become a digital-first company.

Teh group has already developed many aspects of its digital ecosystem, especially related to the e-commerce side and lower funnel acquisition strategy. However, the group remains a follower in this space and doesn’t position itself as a leader, trend-setter or innovation bringer.

Entrusted Services:

Studio Moderna entrusted Vanguard Hub, in helping them in their digital growth to:

  • Do a complete digital audit of the group digital maturity and challenges
  • Explore growth opportunities and new areas of development
  • Leverage digital to find models to attract a younger audience to the group’s brands
  • Move from a performance-based to a marketing and awareness driven organization
  • Migrate from a DRTV-led to a digital-1st company
  • Simplify its current organization and processes
  • Assess local teams digital capabilities and develop new expertises


Deliverables and Results:

Our initial work for Studio Moderna has been to realize a deep audit on the group’s digital maturity situation, explore streams of digital acceleration and provide the 1st quick-wins to ignite them. This 1-month work led us to build a stronger partnership with Studio Moderna which entrusted us with a extended scope of services:

  • Chief Digital Officer as-a-service support to support Studio Moderna in their complete digital transformation acceleration
  • Business model and brand architecture definition
  • Marketing-driven organisation creation & awareness marketing model development, media mix and moving to a digital-1st communication framework
  • Website user experience impacts and agility/innovation unlocking
  • Team digital capabilities assessment
  • CRM project deployment